Louisa Buck: Shock! Horror! Neo Naturists too naked for Page 3

The current to-ing and fro-ing around whether or not The Sun newspaper is dropping topless women from Page 3 (today the paper denies that it ever intended to) has stirred up some fond News International memories for the artists Christine Binnie and Wilma Johnson who, after stripping off for an impromptu Neo Naturist performance with the androgynous Pop star Marilyn at Henley Regatta in the early 1980s, were approached byThe Sun to pose for Page 3. “When we got there, we refused to put our knickers on and Wilma refused to take her glasses off, so they got very grumpy and sent us home,” remembers Christine, adding that “they wanted us to pose with an enormous spooky teddy bear”. “Everyone was quite outraged that we accepted the invitation to go to the studio but we thought it would be brilliant if The Sun inadvertently published a photo of feminist performance artists on Page 3,” recalls Wilma. “I think of it as one of our most subversive performances! Perhaps they’ll ask us back for Page 3 online!”

Published Thu, 22 Jan 2015 16:50:00 GMT Art Newspaper online